They’ll Remember

I was 45 when my granddad died. At a dinner at the church after the funeral and graveside service, one of the elderly ladies serving up food asked if I remembered her. She remembered me. Her son and I were in her Sunday school class when I was five years old.

That was 40 years before. I’m always embarrassed when somebody remembers me from my younger days. There are a lot of things I wish people would forget because there’s not much I can be proud of. At least I seem to be remembered for things that I find embarrassing when I look back on them today.

But there’s another side to the coin. I read an account of a woman’s recollection of a city bus ride she took in New York City. The black driver enthusiastically greeted everybody who got on the bus. He gave an ongoing monolog about things they were passing, such as a store having a sale, a certain event happening here or there, etc. He wished everyone a good day as they left the bus. It lifted everybody’s mood.

Now consider this. The book’s author said she remembered that bus ride from 20 years before. I was reading the book 15 years after it was first published. Now I’m telling you about the positive actions of that unknown bus driver some 35 years later.

As my dad so often told me, “Little things mean a lot.”

What will you and I be remembered for today? Will we be pleased or embarrassed to have someone mention it years from now? Will it be something that won’t cause us shame when we stand before the Lord?

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