Just Desert

The past couple of weeks have been hectic and stressful. I missed doing last week’s entry here altogether, and I don’t think that’s happened before. However, I’ve been late a time or two.

I suppose you could say I’m going through one of those proverbial spiritual deserts. I have no brilliant words of wisdom to share here today. I debated about not writing anything at all, but thought even what I’m writing now might be useful for someone someday.

Who knows? Somebody might Google “just dessert” and come across the title above. I can only hope it’s worth their while to read this.

Two weeks ago I was extremely busy and stressed with business. Last week it was stress and mind cloudedness over our daughter and her boyfriend. And that’s not over yet. I won’t go into detail here because it’s not really relevant.

I started reading a couple of Christian books last week and put them both down in disgust. As I’ve said before here somewhere along the way, there’s an awfully lot of Christian material that’s quite forgettable, in my humble opinion. Sure, maybe it ministers to somebody, but I wonder how or why. The Holy Spirit is mysterious to me in that regard.

But the books didn’t do a thing for me, except make me loathe and have greater disdain for much of what passes off as spiritual or instructive in Christendom today.

One thing I know of. God is there. Silent or not, He is there. I hope I never get to the point where I don’t believe that. I count on His presence. Even if He says nothing to me, I can’t do without him.

As I told our daughter recently when she was upset with God, tell him whatever’s on your mind. If your angry, yell at Him. Jacob wrestled with Him. He’s big enough to take it. He’ll correct us when we need it. He’ll let us have good times and bad. But He’s always there. It’s a comfort to me. I count on it.

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