Want to Know What Really Happened the First Thanksgiving?

There are always stereotyped scenes of the Pilgrims somewhere at Thanksgiving time. Maybe there’s less of that than there used to be because Christmas overshadows everything nowadays. Still, I assume somewhere the story of the Mayflower is told in history books.

Or is it? Maybe it’s not taught in schools any more. Maybe you have to search it out if you want to learn about it.

If you do truly want to know what happened the first Thanksgiving, as we think of it, get a copy of Of Plymouth Plantation, by William Bradford. He was the colony’s governor for a number of years and wrote a very good account of events from before the Pilgrims came to several years afterward.

The book is available on Amazon, and Christian Book Distributors likely has it, too. It’s a big book and one you won’t read in an evening. But it tells of the hardships and adventures, successes and failures in those early years.

It’s part of our history we shouldn’t gloss over. Not only is it important to our nation’s founding, but it shows the kind of people who once graced our land. Where can you find men and women like that today?

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