Quite Forgettable

Nat King Cole did a lovely song in the 1950’s called “Unforgettable.” A few decades later his daughter Natalie Cole did a version of that same song, and her father’s voice was dubbed in to make it sound like a duet. It’s worth the listen if you can.

I think of that song when I read Christian books. Only my version sings, “Quite Forgettable. That’s what you are, quite forgettable.”

I keep a book list each year of the books I’ve read. When I review it, there are many books I don’t remember much about. The books written by Christians, sadly, are among those I’ve forgotten the most.

I ask myself why that is. You’d think Christians, especially those with something to say about the Scriptures, would make a lasting impression. Most don’t.

That’s both disgusting to me and sad because we have a life changing message—the message of the Gospel. God’s Word through His Holy Spirit can make all the difference in the world.

Is it me? Am I jaded? Or is it that they’re writing junk.

I think it’s both, but I lean toward the notion that there’s a lot of junk out there. I’d remember something that’s well done. For example, I enjoyed Warren W. Wiersbe’s Real Worship.

But last night I started reading a book whose title I don’t remember and whose author I don’t remember. Henry something. I didn’t get far into the book before I quit. Should I have given it more of a chance?

Well, maybe, but the guy went nowhere. I saw unconnected stories, and God only knows what point he was trying to make. After getting into the book a little way, I discovered the author was a Christian psychologist.

“That explains it,” I thought. The guy didn’t make one reference to the Scriptures. Does he even know what the bible says—about anything? Everything I read was stories with no real basis in the Bible whatsoever.

OK, so God does miraculous things. He makes good where none seems possible. That’s all well and good as far as it goes, but what about Scriptural support? Any religion can claim the god they worship makes good things happen.

When I do come across those books which supposedly teach the Bible, they’re lukewarm. They’re not saying anything that hasn’t been said a hundred times before. And they’re not doing a good job bringing the living Word to life. They’re warmed over leftovers from someone else’s warmed over leftovers left over from when they had warmed over leftovers left over.

Got it?

Me neither. So they’re simply “Quite Forgettable.”

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2 Comments on “Quite Forgettable”

  1. Tom Cropper Says:

    I agree on the forgettable books issue. Here’s one that I highly recommend – it’s a life changer.

    Letters by a Modern Mystic, Frank C. Laubach

    This covers a period in his life as a lonely missionary overseas. It details the results from a game he developed. The Game with Minutes.

    A Good Read! (quick too…) 😉

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