Take a Minute

Take a Minute

Take a minute today to say a prayer for the many who are suffering as a result of the astounding disasters we’ve had in recent months.

We’ve had disasters before, and some have been staggering. I’m thinking of Hurricane Katrina and the tsunami that washed over southeast Asia and Indonesia a few years ago.

But what has been as monumental as those most recently which may have affected our climate? What about radiation falling throughout the Northern Hemisphere? I’m talking about the BP Gulf oil spew last year and the Japanese earthquake, tsunami and ongoing nuclear reactor catastrophes.

These things may affect us all indirectly. But many victims are in the path of destruction.

As if that weren’t enough, there are those forced to face consequences of Mississippi River flooding in the middle and lower parts of the U.S. Those in Texas recently have been confronted with widespread fires.

I couldn’t possibly catalog all that’s going on in the world right now. God knows. He’s aware of the great needs of all affected.

Simply pray. Pray for God’s mercy upon His own.

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2 Comments on “Take a Minute”

  1. kingofirony Says:

    King proclaims flood:

    Gods Retribution for Americas Evil Ways


    • John Says:

      If true, it’s all the more reason to pray for God’s mercy on those who are both His own and innocent..

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