Brief Thoughts on Christians and Justice Concerns

This weekend I finished Timothy Keller’s Generous Justice, in which he encourages Christians not to shy away from social justice issues. Granted, there can be disagreement over what those issues are and what position should be taken.

But he contends it’s God’s grace which should motivate us.

I can’t say I learned much from Keller’s book myself, but it may be significant food for thought for others. So here are a few random points.

  • Regardless of whether we’re each God’s children by salvation, we’re all created in His image.
  • God’s grace is extended to all people without distinction.
  • Causes of poverty are complex and include: oppression, calamity, and personal failure.
  • Some call justice issues the social Gospel. Involvement in justice concerns isn’t evangelism, and evangelism isn’t the same as involvement with justice concerns. But both are necessary.

Keller cites a number of Scriptures in both Old and New Testaments indicating God’s attitude toward the poor and others not of higher class. The leaders of Israel of old were judged for not caring for those in need. Why would we think those in power today would be immune from such judgment?

I long for the day when our great and sovereign Lord will set things right.

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