A Fable of Two Lions

We’re not living in the America we once thought it was. We’re not living in the America so many tell us it is now. With that in mind, I share the following attempt at a fable.

Imagine a conversation between two lions at an exotic animal game preserve. They have a good sized piece of grassy land in which to roam, and they’re discussing their present situation.

Lion 1: We sure have it good here, don’t we.

Lion 2: It’s not bad.

Lion 1: Well think about it. Room to run when we want. Good food. We don’t have to go hunting for it like we used to in Africa. And we can still say we’re king of the beasts here.

Lion 2: Well, maybe that’s in name only, but, yeah, it’s nice.

Lion 1: We’ve made new friends. We can mate with the lionesses any time we want. And we see new faces drive through all the time. How can you beat it?

Lion 2: There’s one detail you’re forgetting.

Lion 1: Oh, yeah, what’s that?

Lion 2: We’re still fenced in.

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