The Problem With the Truth

Truth is irrelevant.

…Because it hurts.

These statements aren’t from someone who’s depressed and disgruntled. However, they can make one that way.

From an early age, I’ve had a passion to know the truth about many things and to share truth with everyone.

It’s what drove me to make a career as a Christian radio announcer for a number of years. It’s why I blog today.

People need to know the Gospel. They need to know what the Bible really teaches and not be hoodwinked by the multitude of false teachers.

People need to know what really happened on 9/11/01. They need to understand the depth of corruption that pervades trusted institutions.

It’s unpleasant to make those first two statements at the beginning of this post. But think about it. Most people don’t want the truth.

How many things can you not say? I’m not just talking about so-called political correctness.

Think of the old saying that you shouldn’t discuss politics or religion. It’s OK for talk show hosts I suppose. But in the real world of day to day contacts with family, friends and colleagues at work, think of all the things you can’t bring up without causing some sort of friction.

Personally, I don’t mind some friction. It shows the party you’re talking to might be alive. And maybe, just maybe, they can be influenced. But don’t count on it.

But what does truth really matter? For example, does it matter what church a person goes to? As long as they’re happy, right? Does much of that false teaching they’re subjected to sink in anyway?

Besides, if more is caught than taught, then all that matters is that everybody’s nice to each other.

As for what’s going on in places of power–government, multinational corporations, etc.–what can you do about it anyway? Write your Congressman? That’s OK if you’re collecting meaningless form letters.

Why don’t people want the truth? Mostly because it hurts or makes them uncomfortable.

We don’t like to be shaken from our mental status quo. We don’t want to deal with anything that goes contrary to what we think we already know to be true.

Or we can’t comprehend what’s true and don’t want to make the effort to do so.

What if we simply don’t see the importance of certain truths? Some things matter more than others. But how do we sort that out if we’re not comprehending or won’t face discomfort?

Let me toss out a few potentially controversial questions to test your ability to consider truth.

What if Christians aren’t supposed to be building God’s kingdom now?

What if we don’t have immortal souls?

What if 9/11 was an “inside job?”

What if we’re being radiated in the Northern Hemisphere from nuclear reactors in Fukushima, Japan?

What if you’re being tracked on the Internet?

What if XYZ brand of soap is better than the brand you’re using now?

I could raise more questions, but let’s stop there. Ask yourself this question: How do those questions make you feel?

I rest my case.

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