There’s Just Something About that Name, Name, Name, Name…

Years ago the Gaithers did a song about how there’s just something about that name. The song repeats Jesus several times throughout. I don’t remember the exact title, but possibly you’ve heard the song or have sung it yourself.

Well, evidently some people take that to heart when they pray. Recently I heard a man pray publicly, and every phrase mentioned God or Lord God. You’ve probably heard such prayers. I hope you haven’t been guilty of them yourself.

Why? Because it’s very annoying. It’s distracting, making it hard to follow what’s being prayed about. And I find it hard to believe God is honored or glorified by this bad habit.

Think of it this way. Suppose your name is Bob and that I’m inviting you over for lunch. Now let’s suppose I address you in the same manner as some people pray. My appeal might go like this.

“Bob, I’d like you to come over for lunch, Bob. Bob, it’s going to be at 12:30, Bob. We’re having, Bob, roast beef, Bob, with home grown onions and new potatoes and carrots, Bob. And, Bob, we’re having something called Watergate Salad with our meal, Bob, and cherry cheesecake for dessert, Bob.”

Need I say more, Bob?

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