Can You See More Clearly?

There’s a feeling of forboding and dread in the land. All 50 states have groups who have petitioned the White House for secession. It’s incredible. Some say it’s time because the New World Order globalist government seceded from we the people.

I read the other day that secessionist petitions were issued in the aftermath of the elections in 2004 and 2008. But I don’t recall hearing anything like the stir going on now. It may come to nothing. Or it might be the beginnings of a surprising ground swell.

Only God knows where it all goes from here.

I mention this in conjunction with the Thanksgiving season because we have a new thing for which to be thankful.

Think of recent events this way. If we’re becoming more polarized, doesn’t that make things clearer? We’re headed for greater economic troubles. The country will slide further into socialism and decline. so-called Obamacare will set limits on medical treatments, especially for the elderly and handicapped.

Can you see it more clearly now? In this world where so many things go on and on and never get resolved, be thankful for new clarity.

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