For the Hell of It

What if hell wasn’t supposed to be in the Bible? At least not as we know it. What if the King James translators got a little slap happy with using the word “hell” when it shouldn’t be there?

What if hell only refers to the grave, as in the Old Testament word sheol or the New Testament word hades? What if an unquenchable fire is only unquenchable until it burns out?

What if Luke 16:19-31 is nothing more than a parable? What if Jesus told a story to unbelieving Jews using mythology they could relate to? After all, the primary teaching of that passage is found in verse 31: “And he said unto him, If they hear not Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded, though one rose from the dead.”

Think about it. Who rose from the dead later? And how many believed in Him? The Jews tried to cover it up.

And what if the Apostle Paul didn’t mention hell because he was preaching and writing to Gentiles who weren’t tuned in to Jewish customs and ideas?

I invite you to check out an article called “What Does the Bible Teach About Hell?” It nails the doctrine of hell to the wall.

A cautionary note: I wouldn’t recommend the site from which that article came, except for that one article. Truth is where you find it, even if it means plucking a diamond out of a pile of manure.

But, really, what if hell isn’t what we’ve been taught it was all along? What if our ideas are wrong about what God considers to be the ultimate punishment–eternal, permanent, irrevocable death?

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