Aren’t You Really Al-Qaeda in Disguise?

The title above is meant to be provocative. But it’s no joke. Our government considers evangelical Christians and Catholics to be extremists like Al-Qaeda. Read about it here.

Never mind if they apologize and claim not to have meant what they taught to some of our soldiers. They’ve tipped their hand as to what they’re thinking.

Let me take a side track for a minute. I used to work in Christian radio back in the 1980’s and ’90’s, and I got a belly full of programming from Christian ministries about antiChristian bias in the media and government. So none of what I’m sharing here is new or ground breaking material.

I do think things are different today though. We’re in the beginning stages of serious persecution of Christians in America. If you question that, take a look at an article called DHS vs. Christians.

I don’t like getting into politics on this blog, but this can’t be helped. You’d better know where you stand regarding Romans 13. Demand your church give up its 501 (C) (3) status so it’s not hindered by government strings. Be prepared to start or join an underground church.

I pray, come what may, God will have mercy on His people. He knows who we are.

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2 Comments on “Aren’t You Really Al-Qaeda in Disguise?”

  1. Rich E. Lindsey Says:

    The Religious Right has given very strong support to the state of Israel in recent decades, encouraging support for Israel in the United States government.

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