Consequences of Strings Attached

In light of the recent revelations about the IRS targeting conservative groups for greater scrutiny, here’s one that will really make some people’s blood boil. The IRS has probed into one prolife organization’s prayers. They want to know the content of their prayers. Read about it here.

Outrageous? Of course, but will anything come of it? I doubt it.

None of this IRS business is new. Nothing truly meaningful will be done about it. But there is a solution for prolife and conservative groups. Churches, too.

Give up their 501(c)(3) status.

Oh, but then people wouldn’t give because their gifts aren’t tax deductible.

How cheap and shallow. How easily we’ve given into the slave mentality.

Cut ties to Uncle Sam. Texe Marrs’ Christian ministry prospered when they dumped tax exempt status.

I’m not optimistic others will follow suit. Oppression is a lot more fun. Besides it gives people something to talk about and lets them pretend they’re fighting the good fight.

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