What Might Ramp Up Persecution of Christians?

Christians are persecuted in Iran in part because they’re seen as a threat to national security. How long before that’s the case here?

I submit the following for your consideration. It’s from Mission Network News on June 18th.

Iran celebrates moderate president; change unlikely
Iran (MNN) — On August 3, moderate Hassan Rowhani will be inaugurated as Iran’s new president. But is change really coming to the Islamic Republic? Todd Nettleton with the Voice of the Martyrs sums up the results this way: “My favorite description of the Iranian election process comes from Joel Rosenberg who says, ‘It may look like democracy on TV, but don’t be confused. It is not.’ In fact, all of the people who were allowed to run for president were determined by the Supreme Leader and by the mullahs, who have the real power in Iran.” As if to underscore his point, under the furor of the elections, the regime convicted six Christian converts. So, more secrecy, but the people are not as fooled as you might think. In fact, says Nettleton, “You see these charges. People spreading Christianity, people meeting together in a house church setting, are accused of disrupting national security and literally undermining the government of Iran. But in the minds of the man on the street, Islam is not working. So there is a great openness to the Gospel.”
Please pray. And go to MissionNetworkNews.org, keyword “Featured Links,” to take action.
Full story: http://www.MNNonline.org/article/18663

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