Lucky Charms Lament

The Christian radio station I worked for quite a few years back has recently been sold to the ministry that runs K-Love stations around the country. This came as quite a surprise to me. I’ve been sampling K-Love in recent days, and I’m not impressed.

For one thing, there’s no local presence to any K-Love stations I’ve ever heard. I’ve never heard any Bible teaching programs.

They play nothing but contemporary Christian music. And it all sounds the same to me. Maybe I’ve lost my ear for it, but when I played such music years ago, there was more variety. What I hear now sounds like young people straining to sing outside of their vocal range. And don’t get me started on the frothy words.

The other morning I heard a few minutes of the morning crew promoting an upcoming feature. They were going to compare some attribute of generic vs. name brand Lucky Charms breakfast cereal. Gosh, how exciting and uplifting, he said sarcastically.

OK, so I’m just another voice among many complaining. Oh, yes, there are still some stations carrying Bible teaching. Bott Radio Network is an example of wall to wall preaching and virtually no music. It seems there’s little in between any more. Frankly, I’m not impressed with much of the Bible teaching that’s out there today either.

It’s sad, disgusting and boring to hear nothing but music on K-Love and no preaching. They can say they’re positive and encouraging, but I don’t get it. They’re not doing anything for me. I won’t be listening.

Fluff and froth make it big time in Christianity today. How close are we to true apostasy? How long until the Lord takes His Bride home and straightens out all this nonsense?

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