“Noah” – It Isn’t the Movie You Think

Below is a link to an article that conveys much better than I can the fact that “Noah” isn’t the movie you think. But let me share a couple of observations first.

Back in 1988 when I worked for a Christian radio station, I got fed up, disgusted and bored with Marlin Maddoux on his “Point of View” program when he harped nearly daily on the evils of “The Last Temptation of Christ”. His analysis may have been on target, but he gave the movie far more publicity than it ever deserved.

On the other hand, a few years ago I asked the assistant pastor of the church where my wife goes why they didn’t put forth cautions or admonitions about Mel Gibson’s “Passion of Christ” movie. You’ll remember there was some controversy over that one, too. I was told, “You have to pick your battles.” Silly me. He’s right, of course. At the time the church was raising money for a building program, and one must have priorities after all.

Recently I heard a woman on a local radio station give a raving review of the “Noah” movie. She says she’s a Christian herself and couldn’t understand why Christians would fight about it or boycot it. Having listened to a number of her reviews, it’s clear she’ll never give a bad rating to a “religious” movie.

I don’t know whether this woman is truly born again, but she’s like the family and church people I grew up with. I got sick of their openness to lies and false religion because such people have little, if any, understanding of the Scriptures. And they have no discernment at all.

As an example, in the early 1970’s, somebody at church thought it was a great idea to take our youth group to see the movie version of “Jesus Christ Superstar.” Even as young as I was then, and at a time before I received Christ, I was unimpressed.

Movies are a great way to put wrong ideas in people’s heads about matters pertaining to the Scriptures. Why do we need such movies anyway? Granted, some will say they’re a means of spreading a Bible message to the public. But that’s the thinking of those who believe the preaching of the cross is foolishness (1 Corinthians 1:18, ff.). Are we peasants from the Dark Ages who need stained glass windows in cathedrals to tell us Bible stories because we have no access to God’s word?

Finally, if you get nothing else from what I’ve written here or from the article linked below, remember this because it applies to so many areas of our world today. Things are not what they seem.

See “Noah” Promotes The Luciferian Gnostic Belief That The Creator Of This World Is Evil.

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