Peter–A Humbling Life and Example

The life of Peter is an interesting one. He was one of Jesus’ most vocal disciples. He was passionate and didn’t do anything half way, from attempting to walk on water to his denial of Christ. It’s notable that Christ singled him out for forgiveness, and we soon see Peter as one of the leaders in the early church. He went on to write two short epistles, lleaving us with a remarkable legacy as part of God’s holy word. It’s truly humbling to contemplate Peter’s ups and downs.

Many years ago when I was in Bible college, the dean of men said I was like Peter with my youthful passionate outbursts. When I look back on that, I can only hope he saw something beyond zeal. It brings tears to my eyes when I think of how God can choose someone like me for any kind of use for His glory. Have you had such thoughts, too?

“Moments for You” for the second quarter of 2014 is available and worth the read because the theme is Peter. I strongly recommend you view it here. You’ll receive a blessing.

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