Freedom’s Off the Tracks

Perhaps within the past few days you’ve thought about freedom. Either you reflected on how the United States got its independence from England in the Colonial era, or you lament the fact that the vast majority of Americans never give it a second thought amidst the fireworks, parades and hot dog eating contests.

Christians need to look at the big picture and be mindful of the world we live in. Anyone paying attention must surely know our freedom is off the tracks. For perspective, we need to look backward now and then so we know best how to look ahead.

That’s where the video below comes in. I invite you to devote a mere half hour to view it. It’s an interview Mike Wallace did back in 1958 with Aldous Huxley, who is perhaps best known as the author of Brave New World. Huxley has been described as a prophetic genius. But any good writer of science fiction or dystopia sees elements of society as it is at present and builds the story predictively. In a manner of speaking, what if we take this or that to the wall? What kind of world or universe would we live in then?

As you listen to Huxley’s answers to Wallace’s questions, see if he hasn’t predicted what we’ve become. Have we been hopelessly conditioned by news media propaganda and advertising to live by our gut feelings, rather than reason? Have we welcomed slavery and are happy to have done so? Does our technology necessitate a certain kind of heirarchy? Have we yielded to a different kind of dictatorship than the one we expected?

If the answer to any or all of these questions is “Yes,” how should you and I respond? We’re called to share the Gospel, aren’t we? The more we becomed entangled in efforts to reform politics, the more worldly we become. But we should at least know what has happened to us in this present life.



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