What Will Be America’s Epitaph?

As we ponder Thanksgiving coming up in a few days, we’re reminded that we have much to be thankful for. Some will say one thing to be grateful for is the sweeping Republican wins in the recent election. Perhaps, but in reality, it’s little more than moving the deck chairs around on the Titanic.

America is declining and has been for decades. Anyone who’s half awake knows that. The United States is not in Bible prophecy, no matter how much some would like to believe otherwise. Why it isn’t remains to be seen.

I draw your attention to an article called America’s Epitaph. Click on its title to read it. Here’s a brief excerpt.


“Folks, God does not begin His day by standing and saluting the flag, nor is it placed in honored glory at the right hand of His throne. We might picture this in the patriotic eye of our minds as our voices are lifted in the emotional strains of the grand national hymns of our American past, but all such confidence in America’s special place in God’s economy is simply a thin facade void of reality and truth. What once might have been held up as a gallant example for the nations of the world is today a national slap in God’s face. And that is a very fearful thought!”


Forget about taking America back or turning the country around. It’s not going to happen. What’s more, think of all that God could judge this country for. Abortion and homosexual marriage are just two sins that readily come to mind. As a nation, we’ve forsaken what our pilgrim fathers and founders envisioned for America. We’ve shown contempt for God.

As you reflect on things for which to be thankful, remember that, for those of us who are believers in Christ, we have a citizenship in heaven that far surpasses that of the country we now live in.


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