So What if You’re a Nobody?

I started reading (but didn’t have the stomach to finish) a book by a Christian man who’s no longer alive, but he was considered to be quite a man of God while on the earth. He was a big wheel in one of those Christian organizations founded back in the 1940’s or ’50’s–the name of which would be recognizable to many today.

But this man’s name and the positions he held aren’t relevant here. I’m not impressed with them. It’s an idea he put forth which I want to take on.

He quoted the latter part of Esther 4:14, which says, …who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this? He encouraged his readers to think of Moses, Joseph, Daniel and Paul. After all, we as believers should make a big difference in the world. You’re a child of the King! Go out and win souls to Christ by the handfuls.

And on it goes.

This sounds like the ego building tripe young people are often–and wrongly–exposed to at graduation ceremonies.

How about putting that ego in its proper place?

What if you’re a nobody? What if you haven’t made a big splash in the world? What if you haven’t made a big splash among other Christians? Is that so wrong?

I’m grateful to my late friend Gerald who put me in my place a number of times. Keeping my ego in check kept me from being a fool more than once.

I’m not saying you should strive to be a nobody. Many of us don’t have to work at that at all. We’ve got that down pat. What I’m saying is, if you’re not a notable person in larger circles, don’t despair.

If you’re born again and Christ is your savior and Lord, you’re definitely not a nobody in the sight of God. I would ask you to think of the answer to these questions. Did Christ die to give His life to redeem you? Are you a sinner saved by grace? Are you a joint heir with Christ?

Ephesians 1:3 says, Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ: Are you going to say all this isn’t enough? You’re not content with such unfathomable riches?

What are the chances of you being another Moses, Daniel or Paul? Not very good at all, actually. We have this inflated idea that God takes ordinary people and makes them great. Sometimes He does, but that’s not going to happen to every ordinary believer. Being ordinary in itself doesn’t give you or me some special claim to future greatness.

What was ordinary about Paul or Moses? They were brilliant men who God specially called and used for His specific purposes. Chances are that’s not you or me.

Jesus only chose twelve disciples. Were they ordinary men? Some say yes, and Jesus elevated them. Whatever it was He saw in them, it’s clear he didn’t see it in everybody else in the world in that day. Again, He chose them for His specific purposes–even Judas.

John was referred to as the disciple whom Jesus loved. Does that mean He didn’t love the other disciples? Not at all, but they were not all equally loved. Nor were they equal in their talents and abilities.

This flies in the face of the impartial God we like to hear about who loves evrybody equally, etc., etc. But the whole subject of election–which I won’t elaborate on here–shows God isn’t impartial. If you’re one of His, you’ve been chosen from before the foundation of the earth. That’s not a matter for pride. It’s a deeply humbling truth.

As I noted above, you’re not a nobody in the sight of God. Far from it. But so what if you’re a nobody in the sight of the world? Where’s your real citizenship anyway? Isn’t it in heaven?

But where do you fit into the Body of Christ in the here and now? I won’t presume to tell you that because I don’t know the answer. Do you have other believers around you who can help you recognize and cultivate your spiritual gifts?

My guess is your church isn’t capitalizing on spiritual gifts. They’ve probably got people in leadership who have the attitude of the Christian author whose comments I mentioned above. If they think they’re brought to this world for such a time as this, where does that leave you and me? We get left out, regardless of rhetoric to the contrary. If you don’t believe me, challenge your pastor by letting him know what a great man or woman of God you are yourself.

Back to my original question.

So what if you’re a nobody? Is that so wrong? Can you be content with the spiritual and physical blessings God has given you? Can you be content with letting Him make you into the person He wants you to be?

Remember, Jesus told His disciples in John 15 that He is the vine. They were the branches. They could do nothing without Him. So it is with you and me.

Romans 8:29-30–
29. For whom he did foreknow, he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brethren.
30. Moreover whom he did predestinate, them he also called: and whom he called, them he also justified: and whom he justified, them he also glorified.

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