Not indispensable

Perhaps you’ve heard Christians say, “The battle is the Lord’s.” So many examples in the Old Testament point to the truth of that. Israel wouldn’t have accomplished mighty victories if it weren’t for God’s direct intervention.

And what about prophecy? Do we think we can do anything to change God’s prophetic plan? While we don’t know from our vantage point now how things will work out, one day we’ll look back and say, “So that’s how God did it.”

Frankly, I think we don’t hear enough about what God will do and has already done. We are so self preoccupied–as if God couldn’t run the world without us.

I’ve heard so much through the years about how we need to be available to be God’s instruments. Let Him use us.

Well, maybe He will, and maybe He won’t. He certainly doesn’t have to. It’s an honor and privilege when He does, but often I don’t know He has until after the fact.

While I do indeed want to be used of God, I also know I’m not indispensable. Knowing that makes His grace and mercy toward me all the more humbling and precious.

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